Our Nutrition

We aim to instil in all children the importance of maintaining a lifelong respectful relationship with food with a particular focus on nutrition & sustainability. It is important children understand where food comes from and we use fresh produce from our own vegetable gardens wherever possible.

Our Environment

At Apple Blossoms, we strive to provide an environment where children, families, and staff feel at home. Our environment inspires creativity, it provides a place of wonder and excitement, and it allows children to develop at their own rate.

Learning & Education

At Apple Blossoms Early Learning we are passionate about the learning journey the children and Educators go on every day while they spend time in our environment. Our Curriculum is grounded in the Early Years Learning Framework and inspired by Reggio Emilia.

Our Locations

Narre Warren

Early Learning Centre Narre Warren Apple Blossoms Child Care 300x200 - Home

10-16 Verdun Dr
Narre Warren VIC 3805
03 8794 9244

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Keito Rehtwal
10:16 27 Mar 24
I have three children 17, 12 and 4, my eldest two went to multiple daycares due to work locations and apple blossom is by far the very best, my youngest has only gone to Apple blossom for 4 years and I won’t send him anywhere else, new area new work it doesn’t matter he’ll remain there until he starts school because he loves it so much and I trust all the staff, they are kind caring attentive and supportive to both of us. I’ll be sad to say goodbye next year when its time for prep.
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Bethany Kazi
07:08 03 Mar 24
Amazing centre with wonderful staff who go above and beyond for my son. He loves daycare days so much!
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nancy santangelo
22:23 29 Feb 24
Apple Blossoms is a great centre. All my children have enjoyed going there. Would highly recommend checking this centre out, staff are always welcoming and lovely.
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Marie-Claire Poulsen
09:37 29 Feb 24
We could not be more thankful for the lovely staff at Apple Blossoms. Their care and the clear love they have for the children is second to none. When my son started childcare, everyone helped make his transition a smooth, positive and happy experience. Having never used childcare before, I was nervous to start and there were definitely some tears from mum! But we are so glad we made this decision and could not be happier. You have the most beautiful staff and should be so proud of the centre you run. Thank you!
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 395314ba0462290ea7964a4bfdeccbbc - Home
Harlequins Joker (Kaylan Hancl)
09:23 12 Feb 24
Can’t recommend Apple Blossoms Narre Warren more highly. They made a hard transition for my toddler (from home only to daycare) so much easier & were very caring and attentive to her needs. She now has grown from an extremely shy little girl into a confident one who is excited to see her friends and carers 🙂
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 2b140daf723bb377728bc7c1b92b3234 - Home
05:41 12 Feb 24
Very satisfied with the quality of care that the educators and centre provides my children and myself, they are always willing to help where they can.
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 190cf5352fd5c88f7311bea5b520ba9a - Home
Bethany Kazi
11:58 08 Feb 24
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM fbe6982cc5e2ba188a3259e6a26bfdfc - Home
Diana Sudjono
08:16 31 Jan 24
The educators are amazing! My two older children never liked any daycare/childcare but my youngest loves Apple Blossom, it says a lot about the care the educators give to little ones and it gives me so much peace when I go to work. I know my son will be looked after with love. He is also looking forward to go to childcare in the morning. Children are very honest so seeing him excited going is a big plus for me!I could see the great difference with my older two regarding social skills and verbal skills. He is also the most polite at this age as they learn manners at Apple Blossoms.My son can be a fussy eater at home but he eats everything at childcare and it puts me at ease as i know he eats all his vegetables and a diverse, healthy range of food.I knew about this centre from another mum and turns out a few mums that used to send their kids always think highly of the centre! I would highly recommend this centre. All the staff go above and beyond for the families.
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 34356cb0b99b0daf119093ccca2010b6 - Home
andi ..
06:35 24 Dec 23
Well now that my child has left this place, I can leave an honest review. I have been waiting for a while to do this!Hands down the best early learning/childcare/ kinder you will find.Kiddo attended for 3 years, never a single sunburn. Always picked up dry. These things matter because speaking to other mums their kids attending other centres were constantly coming home sun burnt and wet. You can really tell the staff care, I paid attention to how they were towards other kids even during moments of stress and I always saw staff going above and beyond. I would not hesitate to put another child here even a very young one. Their food policy is fantastic and its what originally influenced me to place my child here despite it not being my closest centre. The menu is very well thought out with different type of protein daily, plenty of vegetables and vegetarian meal. The snacks are also very nutritious. We came for the food but stayed because of the teachers!All the staff are fantastic. Big standouts were Nichola, Megan, Somie! They are very good at their jobs and always go the extra mile.The biggest stand out for us was the kinder teacher Melanie.. I hope the management at Apple Blossoms know that its the teachers that ultimately make or break the centre. This teacher gets so much silent positive feedback that I think needs to be loud enough for the leadership/management team at Apple Blossoms to read about. I can honestly say had Melanie moved on to another centre, we would have followed her despite being happy with the centres policies and staff. Many other parents I have spoken to have agreed with me and would do the same. I really hope she is as valued at work as she is by the parents and kids. I hope this review is passed on to the management team.
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 63a26c6a7f4b33a38ea6036bec815ba0 - Home
Shiwali Pawar
11:23 11 May 21
Very dissapointed with this child care. My child was neglected. You want to feel safe for your child when you leave them in others hands, however, this centre didnt even care.My child can be a fussy eater at times, and i would always asked them if he has eaten. On a few occasions he didnt eat all day. They said 'they offered but he refused to eat'. How can you let a child go knowing he hasnt eaten all day!On a few occasions he has been hurt by another child. 1 child in particular. He was bitten and left with bruise for a few days and a scar on his back. The same child then scratched his face, and this incident we werent even notified about! Im so glad i had pulles him out pf there. I had a feeling things werent right a few months ago as my child was showing anxiety and not willing to let go when i went to drop him off. I should have gone with my gut feeling at the time to prevent such a torturous period.I then also found out i was lied to about him eating. As i did get upset about him not eating, i would ask them daily about what he ate.for them it was a simple lie so i didnt confront them again
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 5eb8df2629f40596dcb87e6bd87b3108 - Home
Kelsley Nathan
01:18 18 Mar 21
We had our kids at Apple Blossoms for about a year. Having since moved and used another centre I can now see how good we had it at Apple Blossoms! Our entire experience was amazing and I highly recommend them. We very much miss taking our kids there and wish there was an Apple Blossoms in Clyde North! Thanks so much guys 🙂
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 0e33ef391b0c5bee83b511fdcc98cd4f - Home
Jasmine Azad
12:22 16 Feb 20
Will highly recommend anyone who is looking for a place for their child where they are loved cared for and at the same time learning new amazing things each day through child’s interest based activities and play and not forgetting the delicious nutritional meals prepared on site the staffs are amazing caring and the whole centre setup is so welcoming couldn’t have imagined anything better for our boy who is in kinder now 😊😊
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 5ff9da18b99563abe934c51dbb207e2f - Home
Avani Heriss
00:14 20 Sep 19
Very Satisfied with them. We were struggling to find a good child care who actually care for your child and especially Food as well. and one of my colleague Suggest me Apple Blossoms and I am happy to say that My 19 month old Daughter Loves her School. We surprised that even on the weekend she says "Go" and she stopped crying even when we drop her. I must say she feels very comfortable there and established a bonding with her educators. I never find these much friendly staff. They are the Best Child care we ever found My Daughter loves there and she eats well too and come home Very happy. Thank God I find this Child Care for my Lil daughter. 🙂 Thank you Girls!. She is in Baby-2 Room.
photo - Home
Joanne LIU
01:11 26 Jul 19
My little boy Alex who loves here very much! The educator are so good at looking after him. I am so happy we find the gold one in our first choice in childcare centre.The educator are great , the facilities are nice and well.This would be the most warm and inviting place I have ever seen. The educator are so friendly and professional and they are always simlling.
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 167768a1946435099c9b29e22ad5cb00 - Home
Beatriz Moya
00:55 18 Jul 19
We only recently enrolled our daughter at Apple Blossoms having come from another centre. The change in my daughter has been amazing! She is happy to be dropped off and always happy when i pick her up in the afternoon. I know she's had a great day as she is usually in no rush to leave! Not to mention all the activities the staff organise for the children to aid their development. I love getting the updates on what they've been up to during the day.The staff are friendly and welcoming and made us feel at ease from day one. Couldn't be happier!
photo - Home
Felicity Dwyer
05:47 17 Jul 19
My 2 ½ year old daughters have been attending Apple Blossoms for only a few short months but are already so settled and confident which to me speaks so highly of this beautiful centre and the lovely staff! Everyone is so welcoming and as soon as we walked in the door for a tour I immediately felt calm and knew this was the centre for us!! Highly recommend to all 😊
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 81056536d82e624ecc719f332a0073d3 - Home
Natalie Hudson
04:18 17 Jul 19
I have two children at Apple blossoms and it is hands down the most loving nurturing centre I have had the pleasure of using.My toddler comes home happy and content from his fun filled days. The variation of indoor and outdoor activities are brilliant. From painting to baking they are constantly being stimulated. Not to mention the delicious food on offer, cooked and prepared on-site.My baby is always cuddled and adores all the educators. I am kept in form with all her daily routines through a lovely app called story park.I highly recommend this centre to anyone in the area. I will continue my children at this centre until they are ready for school.The staff are so supportive to the parents and their concerns and anxieties of leaving their young ones. Always there to lend a ear and nothing is too much trouble.What you waiting for... Get your treasures enrollled in the Apple Blossoms family
ChIJwQ7gQAAa1moRgmB135JmdcM 7a74bb021f6f2488cc88f4f465dcb43e - Home
Claire Little-Spence
21:44 16 Jul 19
Both my children have attended Apple blossoms. They love attending.My youngest is in kinder and can't stop talking about the wonderful adventures she has each day.The room is well planned out with lots of different activities and she is learning so much.The teachers and leaders in the rooms are very caring and compassionate taking into consideration each child's needs for learning and growth.The smell of food cooking each morning makes me jealous that I'm not eating here too.Such a wonderful place to send your children and would recommend this centre to everyone.
photo - Home
Cassie Norrish
21:11 15 Jul 19
Apple Blossoms has been the best experience for my 2 year old. In just a few short months he has become a strong out going little boy who loves going and loves the girls that work there! Staff like Nicole and Olga keep us up to date with how he goes and do everything they can to make him comfortable and happy! As parents We could not be happier!!!
photo - Home
04:18 12 Jul 19
Could not speak highly enough of this childcare centre. From the enthusiastic, genuine care our children receive. To the nutritional foods provided. Leaving both our children at a childcare centre full time was a decision that my partner and I did not take lightly. The friendly staff made the process so much easier with their knowledgeable answers to all our ridiculous questions and kind, nurturing demeanor with the kids (even when we sneak in and they think they aren't being watched).
photo - Home
Natalie Cipolla
08:42 10 Jul 19
I have two kids at Apple blossoms, one in the baby room and one in the toddler room. We have come from two centres before Apple blossoms. I just wish I’d found apple blossoms sooner instead of wasting my time at other centres! I honestly can’t rave enough about the girls in both rooms. They go above and beyond to make sure my kids feel loved and have fun. These two things were very important to my partner and I with childcare because our kids will be in full time care. The food is amazing and the centre is very clean. I show up at different times unannounced to pick up my kids and I always find them cuddling, smiling and playing with my son in the baby room and playing, reading, dancing or doing a different activity in the toddler room. They go to a lot of effort setting up lots of different activities every day to keep the kids from ever getting bored. 5 stars from us!! Will never take my kids anywhere else
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Anna Berkelmans
08:10 08 Jul 19
Apple Blossom has caring staff and a clean, calm environment which caters to the kids senses wonderfully. Great, healthy food and positive mindset. My son has made great friends and enjoys the variety of activities on offer
photo - Home
Laura Carter
05:59 08 Jul 19
Our girls absolutely love this place and so do we! The educators are so lovely. The food is nutritious and yum. The curriculum is detailed and varied. Can’t recommend Apple Blossoms highly enough.
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apple blossoms early learning kinder 300x200 - Home

21-23 Ann Street
Mooroopna VIC 3629
03 5825 3933

ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 99ddb1c5f88b46e33a01ec25432a6e5a - Home
Genesis Tiokico
02:29 02 May 24
The new Manager Leanne, and staff are so friendly and approachable they helped me transition my 2 yr old son to being comfortable in the centre and develop skills and confidence in a new environment.
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 bff7f85db02f9fe0322df34cb9453edf - Home
Alex Chapman
08:28 27 Feb 24
Best daycare I've ever sent any of my children to. Everyone is amazing and so welcoming. My son has become so confident and independent and absolutely loves going to Apple Blossoms!
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 577cdf0edc2639f7764346bf60cad05b - Home
Keely Tracey
08:09 31 Jan 24
We enjoy apple blossom and we love the staff
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 13d3778deaef83c1c5424c919b7ef09e - Home
Clint Opray
08:51 17 Jul 19
Great service. Fantasic staff
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 688e70bbbacdb9ffee83a4a5948d7890 - Home
Anne Loschiavo
04:50 10 Jul 19
All the staff at apple blossom mooroopna are very caring and helpful. I would recommend apple blossom as it is a very friendly environment and the staff are very kind.
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 fa6cbcccbb0bd1a74fcc79d2f442a1c5 - Home
Cindy Wright
22:49 02 Jul 19
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 2c982bcf99ecaa9f5e80fbfc742207f4 - Home
Stacey Creati
00:53 24 Jun 19
Absolutely fantastic place, our daughter loves going. The staff are wonderful and more than happy to accommodate any needs we have. HIGHLY recommend!
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 00b84a2ae78342b0c52fa6b1f81bd27e - Home
Tammy Harwood
09:39 01 May 18
The workers are great with my kids. Always letting me know how their day was and what they did. Excellent with disability children as well. Even adjusted things for my son to join in
ChIJxf0lA4qG2GoRRRKllcETBa0 850b44c340f40702f4fc45ac600a36de - Home
Julie Sulewski
07:43 01 May 18
Excellent feel when you walk in the door. Staff are excellent with the kids and are there for a friendly chat at the end of the day.Highly recommend.
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South Melbourne

Child Care Centre South Melbourne 300x200 - Home

219 Dorcas Street
South Melbourne VIC 3205
03 9699 5210

ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA a95ff433127311869880d909597edd25 - Home
Brad J
22:25 04 Jun 24
Our Apple Blossoms experience has been positive.The now centre Director Natsumi is amazing. From the get go she has gone over and above the call of duty to ensure the transition for our children has been smooth. It is evident that she cares (moreso than other centres we have have experienced).Even when we have faced periods of challenging drop offs she has always been willing to make suggestions and / or provide tools to help the children cope with these difficult periods.We are extremely grateful for that.A shout out to the long-standing educators there and chef as well who do a fantastic job.If you are looking for small Centre with some outdoor space as well as Centre Director who truly cares about your kids then Apple blossoms is the place for you.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA ed4492ae4f2781fd98baa714dff08cb3 - Home
Lisa Holohan
02:13 07 May 24
My daughter has been attending Apple Blossoms for 2 and a half years. She has gone from the nursery room, to the toddler room and now attends Kinder. We have had a great experience and she really enjoys going and all the fun activities. They have a wonderful large outdoor area, which was important to us. The centre director, Natsumi, is amazingly supportive and caring, often going above and beyond to help guide us through things like potty training and a new sibling. My daughter has made some lovely connections to the educators and we find them all to be very caring and the communication from them through the app to be thorough.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA b2796d16b290335490dbcec1efa9ff3e - Home
Natalia Bahati
05:22 07 Mar 24
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 24c2148921de555cc83e04bceadc69af - Home
Brega van Vugt
01:28 04 Mar 24
Our daughter has been going to Apple Blossoms for the last year and we have had a really positive experience.She has developed close relationships with the educators and centre director, Natsumi, who is excellent and very thorough. It is a very loving, caring environment, which we didn't feel as much when looking at other centres in the area. We like that it is a bit smaller so that all of the educators and children all get to know each other well. We have only good things to say about Apple Blossoms South Melbourne!
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA e1de1cc40453cdd225ecffae830dbbe6 - Home
Gayathri Manokaran
00:16 23 Feb 24
Hands-down, the best childcare centre in South Melbourne! We have been sending our older boy here for about 2 years and our younger child just started about five months ago! I love that it is a smaller centre so it feels like home away from home. The educators are so caring, professional, patient, loving and kind. There is even a beautiful natural outdoor space, with its own resident bunny and occasionally chickens. Tina and Natsumi, the current centre manager are so helpful, kind and efficient! And the educators, Vanitha, Erin, Lauren, Tara ... just to name a few, they are brilliant. They make the extra effort not just to care for but to teach our kids and my youngest is currently learning colours, numbers and shapes from them! Morning drop-offs are a breeze thanks to the confidence and trust I have in the staff at this centre!
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA f69408496fd1fab0f9a1088da2f0dcfb - Home
Marita Tillerås
06:38 19 Feb 24
Apple blossom is not just a daycare, it’s a family. My kids have been through all the rooms, from the nursery to kinder and I couldn’t be happier with the staff and the support we’re getting. We’ve tackled various challenges throughout the year and the staff are always very helpful and knowledgeable, not to mention very proactive. I’m definitely going to miss the AB team and environment once my kids are both school age.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 9d53346034435ecdfb907d3bebe1a7bf - Home
Py 08
22:53 15 Feb 24
My 2 years old daughter just started going to apple blossom a month ago. But she seems to love this centre! She has been going to another childcare and she still refuses to go in sometimes. But with apple blossom, just she just joined but always smooth to settle and everytime she comes home she says I wanna go there again!The biggest reason why I decided to send her to this place is their food. I care about my daughters diet a lot, they offer all suger/gluten/dairy free food, I’ve never seen any other places like that.I can see educators do care about what’s best for kids, I really like the way they talk to kids.Hope she can have more days to attend soon and make more friends ☺️
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 8e9ba87a8c0e1c28e50ab19545fe29d3 - Home
Ana A
04:11 31 Jan 24
This is a great kindergarten, with lovely and helping staff where our child and us parents feel welcomed and cared for. The outdoor space is great and offers various activities for children to spend time and explore. I highly recommend! ✨
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 42f7690f4e17a60b7744d358cfafbf57 - Home
Lexie Keller Sheard
03:28 08 Oct 23
This is an excellent childcare centre. I wouldn't consider sending my child to any other private centre in this area. Apple Blossoms works hard to include and care for each individual child. Tina the manager is so responsive to parent concerns and the social-emotional learning curriculum is integrated at every stage of learning, from sensitive nappy changing to planned activities. My daughter has grown leaps and bounds in her language, friendships, and artistic endeavours since being at Apple Blossoms and, most importantly to us as parents, she is happy and loved. We are so grateful for how her educators have worked with us to meet her unique needs and now she is so happy to go and even sometimes asks to play there on her days off. We would recommend this centre to anyone. ☀️🌈❤️
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 16e737fdf8a2e8281fe4a4e3b20e9637 - Home
kristel mae castaneda
09:11 07 Mar 23
My daughter enjoys and loves going to childcare. It was a difficult transition for first time parents like us but the educators in nursery and toddler and Tina (director) helped us a lot. We love how Tina posts a lot of announcements and reminders to Storypark. The educators are amazing and caring. They are also detailed with the routine reports and the highlight for us is the weekly activity reports. It is just so nice to read and get updated about our daughter's learnings and improvement. We really like this place. The learnings does not just focus on academics but also an incorporation of lots of play and emotions which is imperative to development.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 1a564b347a4101a6136c3f12bdfbbe2b - Home
Jordyne Haggie
00:47 10 Feb 23
Apple Blossoms Daycare is truly an amazing place for children. I am so glad I made the decision to move my children from their previous daycare center to Apple Blossoms. Every room, from the nursery to the toddler room and kinder room, is filled with caring and dedicated staff who consistently go above and beyond to ensure the best possible experience for the children. Tina at the front desk deserves a special mention for her exceptional service. Thank you, Apple Blossoms, for all that you do.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA fc97fabc0533f3042947f728bde1f00a - Home
Katherine Bell
00:51 03 Jan 23
Our 2.5 year old son has attended Apple Blossoms for the last 18 months and we have truly had the best experience.The team work so hard to ensure a wonderful environment for the children to learn, with fun engaging activities to do every single day. Our son loved coming into daycare. It was always a fun and welcomingenvironment.The communication from Tina the Centre Director is first class (even more impressive given the challenges of operating within the last couple of COVID years). She is warm, caring and leads the team beautifully. She knows every child’s name and takes true interest in their lives.The outside area in both the nursery but particularly the toddler/kinder area is incredible and a real highlight for a city centre.The Apple Blossoms team have been a true extension of our family and the only reason we are departing is due to a change in where we live.I would highly recommend ABs to anyone looking for a caring, welcoming and well run Daycare centre in the South Melbourne region.
ChIJI BcfABo1moRMX5FWuGgZsA 36209b78d6f82f61d3dc822aeadba333 - Home
Julia Cameron
23:10 18 Oct 21
My 4 year old and 14 month old have both been at Apple Blossoms since they were both 8 months old. It has been like a second home to them. We've just moved out of the area and sadly we've had to move the kids to new daycare centers and I am grieving! The kids have received such wonderful, nurturing care during their time at Apple Blossoms. The program for the kinder kids are varied, thoughtful and exciting with a real focus on letting the kids develop their imagination and skills through play. The outdoor area is large and full of activities and trees. The nursery is a warm, calm space for babies to develop and my little one has loved her time there. The Centre provides excellent, regular updates though Storypark and I know a lot of effort goes into preparing the updates. The educators - Laura, Nick, Kirsty, Natsumi, Jasmine, Vanitha, Erin, Carrie, Isyanee - are all wonderful and they all helped both of our babies grow and flourish. Tina, the director, is professional, warm, loving and has instilled her very high standards throughout the Centre. I don't have a bad word to say about Apple Blossoms - and any negative reviews on Google would have been well before Tina's time and the arrival of the current staff, so you can disregard them. As soon as we are back in the area we will be straight back to Apple Blossoms.
photo - Home
09:09 09 Oct 19
My child had attended this place for almost a year and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The only reason we didn't get out sooner is lack of childcare availability in the area. Regular violation of the children-to-staff ratios - so many times I had to stay with my child, being late for work, because the nursery room had 15 kids and 3 carers. The centre used to have temporary agency staff during drop off, so the babies in the nursery didn't get a chance to get attached to their carers. Over the 10 months that my child has been here we've seen 4 nursery room leaders, 5 (not a typo) centre directors and I've lost count how many new carers. When the carers resigned, we were often notified on their last day, if at all. When my child was still learning to walk, one of the carers has left him to walk down a wooden staircase unassisted. This resulted in my child falling down, getting a concussion and grazing the skin off a half of his nose. As far as I was made aware, there was no change in policies or procedures as a result of this.Most carers in the toddler room can barely speak English. They would call me during the day to say that my child fell down and hit his head and they had trouble explaining how it happened, having to ask other staff to continue the conversation. It was very hard to get a summary of how the day went during the pick up for this reason as well.I have voiced my concerns several times to the centre directors, the area manager and one of the owners, but always received the same promises that they'd hire new staff very soon and it'll all change for the better. The reality is that unfortunately it only got gradually worse with time.If you are considering this place, I suggest asking how many directors they had in the past year and how many carers had left.
photo - Home
Michelle Doyle
04:22 09 Sep 19
We have had our 14 month old son at Apple Blossom's for 5 weeks now and we couldn't be happier! The staff are always friendly and attentive to the parents and child's needs and requests. It has a beautiful natural feel and the food menu is very impressive and nutritious. Our little guy is developing quickly and we see him acquiring new skills everyday which we largely attribute to the care and encouragement he receives at Apple Blossoms. The outdoor area in the nursery is really lovely, with waterplay and a little sand pit and a sun/rain cover to protect the little one's from all types of weather. The outdoor area for older kids is absolutely lovely, with beautiful trees and waterplay and chooks! Our son will adore this when he is old enough. We felt very supported and confident with the orientation process. Whenever we call to check on our son it is never any trouble and the staff are always happy to give us the time. Thank you guys, great job!!! Michelle
photo - Home
Cathy Tan
04:43 05 Sep 19
My bub was enrolled in a different centre but was v disappointed at.many things I observed from my bub's first orientation in the last centre. I brought my bub for her first orientation here and she stayed for lunch and explored the nursery room for 3 hrs on her own. No dramas. She loved the space and the lil outdoor space with the sandpit especially. She was comfortable with the staff too. Staff are v caring and concerned for her and me. The director was amazing! Very hands on very concerned for families. This centre is willing to work with families and their needs. The most amazing natural outdoor space near the city. If you're living in an apartment in the city and are looking for a different centre which values nature, sustainability and nutrition, this centre is a great centre to have a look at. Definitely not your average centre. A must visit, if you're scouting for good centres to place your little one in compared to all the modern plastic, no outdoor centres.
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Sean Yao
23:07 15 Aug 19
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Forever and Always
07:42 19 Mar 19
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Emma Kinrade
05:55 06 Apr 18
Not your "everyday" child care centre. If you are looking for somewhere that has a fantastic nutrition policy and amazing outdoor play spaces then this centre is for you! A must see
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23:21 13 Mar 18
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Nat Hautavanija
05:45 03 Oct 17
Our son who is now 2.5 years old has been joining Apple Blossoms in South Melbourne since May. We are very happy with the centre and all the staff. Most of the time he looks forward to school and doesn't want to go home when I pick him up. Sarah, Lynette and rest of the team are doing a great job in keeping children happy, healthy, and guiding social interactions among the children in the right direction. Staff are warm, attentive, and nature-loving people that you can see from activities they do with children. The centre has natural light-filled indoor rooms and a fabulous outdoor space that children actually get to use it everyday, even in winter.
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Our Service is committed to safety and wellbeing of all children and young people. We understand our responsibilities and statutory duty of care to comply with both the Victorian Child Safe Standards and the Reportable Conduct Scheme to build our capacity as an organisation to prevent and respond to allegations of child abuse.

Our Service is committed to implementing and abiding by our Child Safety and Wellbeing Policy based on Child Safe Standards in Victoria (2022), which accentuates our zero tolerance for child abuse and raising awareness about the importance of child safety in our Service and the community.

We are dedicated to protecting children from abuse and neglect and promote a child safe environment, maintaining children’s wellbeing. We adhere to our comprehensive Child Protection Policy, standing by our mandatory reporting responsibilities to protect children from physical, sexual, emotional and psychological abuse and neglect.

We work to ensure there is clear awareness between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour concerning adults and children.

We require clear precincts between children and employees, volunteers and the community to maintain children’s safety. We are dedicated to promoting cultural safety for Aboriginal children, cultural safety for children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.

We value diversity and do not tolerate any discriminatory practices. We are committed to ongoing professional development for employees to maintain their ability to distinguish and respond to situations of abuse and neglect, ensuring employees are responsive to their responsibilities in keeping children safe.

We work in collaboration with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and have confidence in educating children about their right to be safe.

We believe in teaching children what to do if they feel unsafe and encouraging them to express their view and thoughts on matters that directly affect them. As educators we listen to and empower children to act on any concerns, they or others may raise which is reflective in our policies and procedures in keeping children safe.