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Why Kids Yoga Rocks

“May the light and love in me shine through to the light and love in you”. This is how we end our kids yoga class and is really the story of kids yoga. I arrive at Apple Blossom Early Learning Centre for a weekly session with the kindergarten group followed by the senior toddlers. Walking […]

I don’t have all the answers

Last week I had parent-teacher interviews at my daughter’s school. She’s just started year 7, so this is a first for me. In primary school there was one 10 minute meeting, once every 6 months with one teacher. I’d walk in, greet the teacher, tell her how lovely the room looked with the children’s work […]

Reggio Emilia

Since we opened in April 2015 we have been on a massive learning curve. Suddenly we were going to be a Reggio Emilia inspired centre. To be honest, I had heard of Reggio Emilia but I had absolutely no idea what it was all about. I thought it had to do with the use of natural materials, […]

Sustainable Practices

Sustainable Practices at Coburg What an inspiring day Kylie and I had at Coburg Children’s Centre on Saturday. We were instantly drawn to their outdoor environment, which was appealing and engaging for us as adults, I can only imagine how enthusiastic little people would view the same play spaces. The reason Kylie and I went […]

Loose Parts

We love Loose parts in our Childcare Centre. Loose parts is basically items that can be moved, redesigned, put together and taken apart in a variety of ways. Children use loose parts to create endless possibilities and invite all kinds of provocations. The “theory of Loose parts” was created in 19271 by Simon Nicolson. Loose […]